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Prices for pieces are available by request. Please get in touch.

30 Piece Dinner Set

A private commission for a client's growing collection of my work. Included in this first part are nine small bowls, nine small long spoons, nine candlestick holders, and three long trays. Each tray is 12 inches long.

Sterling Silver 2019

Letter Opener


Simple and elegant. Designed with the ideals of functionality and clean lines. This piece has an incredible heft to it with its weight of 2.4 ounces. 

Sterling Silver 2019

Torn Vessels (creamers)

Sometimes in the hammering process, the silver becomes so stressed, it rips. In this ongoing investigation of form and function, I continue to explore the beauty in destruction. All tares happen naturally in the process and are incorporated into the form. These pieces were inspired from one of my original trios of silver vessels that integrate the hypothetical end of the universe. In billions of years, scientists predict that the universe will expand so rapidly, the very fabric of spacetime will rip apart.

Sterling Silver 2017 - present

Candlestick Holders

Each form was made from hammering a flat sheet of silver up into a three dimensional form. Seats for the candle sticks were then constructed and soldered into place. After, each piece was soldered with a bottom curved sheet and rendered completely hollow. They're fitted to hold a standard dinner candle stick 7/8'' diameter.

Sterling Silver 2019

Small Spoons

A collection of 100 small spoons designed to be more affordable and easier to make. Each handmade spoon ranges from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches in length. Perfect for salts, spices, or gift giving. 

Sterling Silver 2019

Serving Set

A sweet set consisting of a creamer, sugar bowl, sugar spoon, and tray. A best selling set to celebrate any occasion. Tray measures eight inches in length.

Sterling Silver 2019

Round Plates

A collection of plates based on Descartes' Circle Theorem. When three circle are touching (the smaller plates), their radii can be put into an equation to solve for the radius of a fourth circle (the largest plate). The largest plate measures 8.5 inches in diameter.

Sterling Silver 2019

Spoon Exploration (continued again)

A fresh batch of spoons designed to be easier to order. This batch breaks down into four different style handles and each handle style has five different spoon bowl options.

Sterling Silver 2019


I began to make trays in the Fall of 2018. I was interested to see how objects become elevated on trays and the dynamic between the pieces.

Sterling Silver 2018

Spoon Exploration (continued)

A continuation on my curious endeavor as to what is a spoon as of December 2018


Sterling Silver 2018 


Measuring Spoon Sets

Each set of measuring spoons includes three spoons consisting of a tablespoon, teaspoon, and half teaspoon. Each spoon equals the measurement when leveled off. Individual spoons can be made upon request.

Sterling Silver 2018

Shallow Dishes // Berry Bowls

I was inspired to make a few shallow dishes that were inviting and ideal for nuts or berries

Sterling Silver 2018

Layers of the Earth

If you were to cut the Earth in half, you would see layers that are like a cake. In the simplest sense, you have the crust, mantle, and core. When these vessels are nested, they are mathematically proportional to the layers of the Earth

Sterling Silver 2018

18 Piece Dinner Set

In the summer of 2017, I was asked to make a set of six bowls, plates, and spoons. The clients loved my bowls and spoons from Elegant Proofs and Spoon Exploration. The work is archived in the international Foster Art Projects Archive.  

Sterling Silver 2017

Elegant Proofs

Elegant Proofs is a collection of 21 sterling silver vessels. Each piece was made through a laborious technique called raising, where a flat sheet of metal is hammered into a three-dimensional object. The forms conceptually break down into seven trios and each trio pairs notions of high level mathematics and science with the form of a vessel, a mundane object that both occupies space and contains it. The work joins the fundamental beauty in the laws of nature with traditional silversmithing resulting in elegant and minimal pieces. Through employing the form of the vessel, I distilled abstract and abstruse concepts into tactile, handheld objects. 


Sterling Silver 2017

Spoon Exploration

An 18 piece exploration of a curious endeavor into the spoon. What is a spoon? 


Sterling Silver 2017

Rocket Ship N.3


A fully functioning, interactive, sterling silver teapot. To reveal the spout, one must take the astronaut from the right side of the ship and dock it on the left side as the porthole will hinge open. 


Sterling Silver, 3D-Printed Plastic 2016 

What's Hidden? N.2

A second iteration of bulbous hydraulic pressed forms with chemical patinas that play with the ideas of tactility, multiples, and reveal.


Sterling Silver, 24k Gold 2016

What's Hidden? 

This project was made through using a hydraulic press to create flat-bottomed bulbous forms. The objects are suggestive of rocks. When a viewer engages with the piece and picks up one of the forms, the viewer notes the weight and surface is similar of weathered rocks. In addition, the bottom of each form shows a different chemical patina, which isn’t revealed until one interacts with the piece.


Sterling Silver, Red Brass 2015

Rocket Ship N.2


A hollowware container, like a sugar bowl. This piece was made using traditional silversmithing techniques. The body was formed through raising. The lid attaches to the body with a pressure fit male and female part.


Sterling Silver 2015

Rocket Ship N.1


Three interlocking rings that fit together to form a free standing rocket ship.


Sterling Silver 2014

Private Collection

Platonic Solids


They are five platonic solids and they're the most harmonious shapes found in nature.


Two week installation at Oregon College of Art and Craft

Steel 2016



 It's an atomic representation of the element nickel made out of nickel. Kinetic mobile.


Nickel 2013

Large Tray and Bowls